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LiveFace for iPhone 1.0.0 Release!

LiveFace is a photo-editing program that helps you to create animated picture with your still photos. With simple touch, using various motion tools, you can create fun, exciting animations. LiveFace allows you to save as GIF, MP4, SWF, and JPG or share them through e-mails and SNS.


★ Fun Booth
– Simple and easy editing mode for LiveFace beginners.
– First, Choose a photo, and setup the positions of face, eyes, mouth, then it will create animated picture from predefined templates.

★ Studio
– Advanced editing mode for every features in LiveFace
– Create motions anywhere by using direct touch tool, and 12 different masks tool
– Create animation sequence with Scene Tool.

★ Gallery
– Save animated image in the gallery, and re-edit if needed.
– Galley is your personal movie theater, so watch and enjoy your saved animations anytime, anywhere. It will play up to nine animations at same time!

★ Export
– Animations can be saved as GIF, MP4, JPG, and SWF.
– Save the animations in your photo album, or share through e-mail, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and WIFI transfer. (Support methods can be varied by file formats)
– Open Instagram with a funny face JPG.

★ My TV
– Set your LiveFace screen with your animated picture.
– You can enjoy the animation every time you start LiveFace!

LiveFace is NOT one of those complicated, difficult editing program.
It is Fun and easy entertainment for everyone, so have FUN with it!















What’s New in Version 1.0.3

– optimize face detection in iOS5.
– minor bug fix.


Afterfocus for iPhone 1.0.0 Release!

With AfterFocus, you can create DSLR-style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. Also, various filter effects offer you to create the most natural and realistic photo.

With our realistic filter effects, you will enjoy photographing and photo editing even more, and share them on SNS easily.

1. Smart focus area selection
Simply draw some lines inside a focus area and the background, then AfterFocus will automatically recognize the focus area. You can also select the area with traditional finger painting.

2. Background Blur effect
You can create the most realistic blur effect with various aperture styles just like DSLR camera.
To emphasize that certain things move, Motion blur effect is also available.

3. Filter effect
AfterFocus offers from basic effects to professional effects like Cross Process without looking artificial.
Also, you can emphasize the spot light on the background using Bokeh effect.

4. Double photo
Take a picture of one object and move slightly to the right to take another picture of the same object, and it will analyze the images and recognize the nearest object, so there is no need to draw the focus area.
(Make sure that the background and the distance of the object are far enough and have clear texture to get a great result.)

5. Easy share
You can share through e-mails and SNS easily and simply.