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PhotoShake for iPhone 2.0.1 Update! (Christmas Version)


  1. Add gallery : you can save project files and reload any times.
  2. Add new theme : InstantPhoto.
  3. Redesign home screen and share screen (Christmas season)
  4. Add new template to Multiphoto and Widephoto.

  5. Add frame patterns.
  6. Separate sticker tool from ballon tool.
  7. Add text shadow tool
  8. Add vignette tool in InstantPhoto.
  9. Add cell hide function.
  10. Add empty text box.
  11. Add Facebook group selection.
  12. Add Blogger, WordPress, Posterous, FC2, NaverBlog, Tistory and Egloos export.

PhotoShake for iPhone 1.4.0 Update!


Check high-quality & custom size options in the preferences. The maximum save size depends on the device type. (3G-1280px, 3GS-1600px, 4G-2048px) Thanks for using the PhotoShake.

  1. Enable more large size output.
  2. Add high-quality output mode.
  3. Enable more custom size output mode.
  4. Add Picasa account photo import.
  5. Add Blogger and Picasa export.
  6. Add more photo adjustment buttons (Move, Rotate, Zoom) at cell tool.
  7. Add preferences button at home screen.

PhotoShake for iPhone 1.3.0 Update!

Prepared to the needs of users are optimizing the PhotoShake.
Through the 1.3 update, please feel more comfortable with PhotoShake.

  1. Wi-fi import photo with your iPhone or iPod touch.

    -Check auto save to photo album supported)
  2. Symbol Line type & Fill type supported.

    – Apply border color to line type symbol.
  3. Change cell photo in edit mode.
    – Photo cells are able to change at anytime.
  4. Direct Camera setting and Fixed the frequently used colors.
    1. Direct Camera setting supported.
    2. Preferences from the switch to ON to start the application when the MultiShot Camera is working.
    3. Fixed the frequently used color.
  5. Color Hex code view & Editing in color picker.

PhotoShake for iPhone 1.2.0 Update!

Find out in detail the contents.

  1. Add Multishot Camera. (Above iOS 3.1)
  2. Add import photo from Flickr account.

  3. In the shake result screen, more touch actions added.
    1. Single tap to shuffle pinking only.
    2. Double tap to shuffle photo order only.
  4. Supported the Theme photo process meta information.
  5. Add symbolic balloon picker.
    1. Add symbolic balloon rotation function.
    2. Add 24 symbolic balloon items.
    3. Add balloon shape fit it change function.
    4. 24 items list.
– 24 items list

PhotoShake for iPhone 1.0.9 Update!


  • fix layout mismatch between editing image and output image
  • hide photo bug fix
  • touching in color picker improvement
  • change text layout calculation when font size up & down
  • add 16 posterize effects
  • add 8 balloon shapes
  • add 2 pinkings
  • add print guide line
  • change default balloon style
  • change effect button mechanism ( one button, multi effect )

Fix for Twitter-OAuth-iPhone Due to Twitter Mobile OAuth Update

Today at 6pm EST Twitter pushed a new OAuth update for the mobile web page that users use to authorize an application to send tweets on their behave. This is great since they made the user experience on mobile devices and specifically the iPhone better.

I am using Ben Gottlieb’s Twitter-OAuth-iPhone library to handle the retrieving of the pin that Twitter assigns to the an app for the requesting user. Ben’s library is great and makes it very easy for a dev to drop OAuth support into a Twitter enabled application.

There was a small problem with this mobile update. The web page element that contains the oauth pin was changed from oauth_pin to oauth-pin. This broke any app using the Twitter-OAuth-iPhone library.

The fix is simple. Go into your code and so a search for oauth_pin and change that to oauth-pin. Here are the files from Ben’s library that are impacted by today’s change:

  • Libraries & Headers/jQueryInject.txt
  • SAOAuthTwitterEngine/SA_OAuthTwitterController.m

Make the change, recompile, and retest your app. You should be sending tweets again in no time.

PhotoShake was updated (submitted to Apple for review) to version 1.0.3 tomorrow as part of this fix. I’ll send an update when the fix is pushed to the App Store.

PhotoShake for iPhone 1.0.3 Update!

  • 5 photo theme support (GridPhoto, MultiPhoto, SinglePhoto, WidePhoto, WallPaper)
  • Easy photo creation by shake action.
  • Unique frame making by moving handler.
  • HIgh quality frame pinking
  • Place photo using translation, rotation, and scaling
  • Image filter for photos
  • Storytelling with various balloon item.
  • Many social media support (Twitter, Facebook, Flicker, Tumblr, MeToday)
  • Save photo & Send email.